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Power the blockchains that are powering the next technological revolution


We build the infrastructure and tools that help high performance blockchains run. As an EOS block producer candidate, we work tirelessly to plan, develop, and deploy the infrastructure that keeps the EOS ecosystem up and running. We approach this role with a great sense of responsibility, not only because we know that the network relies on excellent block producers to execute flawlessly, but because the ecosystem increasingly brings the promise of blockchain technology to the masses. We believe strongly in the potential of high performance blockchains like EOS to unleash value and empower individuals. As such, we plan to leverage our talents to support other EOSIO-based blockchains as they mature. 

Furthermore, we are continually working to develop tools that support development of vibrant blockchain ecosystems. We focus on addressing core pain points for both developers and users. Our goal is to solve the critical problems that are standing in the way of mass adoption of high performance blockchains. 

We are in the early days of the blockchain revolution, and we want to play an important role in unleashing the promise of this technology.


We are incredibly fortunate to live in a golden age where a few like-minded individuals from across globe can come together and build a company that adds value to the lives of millions. We come from the United States, Europe and Asia, yet we share a common vision for how blockchain technology will shape our world.


Our registered corporate entity, our WeWork office, and our favorite taco restaurant are all located in Miami, Florida, USA. If you’re ever in town, stop by and ask for the “Xtrella guys.” We might be there, but our team, like a blockchain, is decentralized. We are digital nomads who can be found working from pretty much anywhere.