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Our commitment to excellence is absolute. As a block producer, there is no higher priority than providing highly reliable, secure, and scalable block production. We work tirelessly to constantly improve our infrastructure setup to best meet the needs of the community.

Our infrastructure consists of both Google Cloud Services (GCS) and our own custom built bare metal servers. Our strategy is to leverage both the scalability of cloud, and the performance + control + customizability of our own bare metal servers.

We use GCS for DDoS/firewall protection, for our non-producing full nodes, for and for load balancing/failover. The core rationale here is scalability, redundancy, and deployment speed: our DDoS/firewall protection can scale to meet network demand, our full nodes can be deployed behind load balancers across multiple regions (and multiple zones within each region), and our infrastructure can be quickly deployed as code.

Our bare metal block producing nodes are colocated in highly secure, enterprise-class datacenters located in Miami and Hong Kong.
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Non-Producing Full Nodes:
Hosted across multiple GCS regions. Scaled as needed

4-8 vCPUs
RAM added as needed
SSD storage added as needed

Block Producing Nodes:
Bare metal servers colocated in separate data centers. Server specifications are scaled in phases, according to network demand.

Phase 1 (current): Dual Xeon CPU, 128GB RAM, 500GB SSD  
Phase 2: Dual Xeon CPU, 256GB RAM, 1TB SSD  
Phase 3: Dual Xeon CPU, 512GB RAM, 3TB SSD  

Our infrastructure is secured behind Google Load Balancer and Google Cloud Armor. This protects our full nodes from DDoS attacks and allows for TCP termination on hardware devices. Only our full nodes or whitelisted valid connections are allowed to connect to our core block producing nodes. We regularly conduct our own penetration testing to maintain security, learn, and improve.

Producer Account:  miamixtrella
P2P address:
Public Key:  EOS5bWzbSnVEmw2964ptwy5zpt8UdnHj5PBghUS8Yk8qVFCwgPqe2